Wine and Health

The topic of wine and health has caught the attention of many wine-lovers all over the world. From the year of 1985 I have given lectures on wine and health to physicians, students, the Danish Heart Association and groups of winelovers. Several articles reviewing the medical effects of a moderate alcohol consumption have been published in various medical journals. Vin og helbred - myter og facts, a book reviewing the myths and facts of wine and health on 320 pages, was published by Klim on the 10th of April 2000. A large number of wine & health-articles have been published in AIM - Alcohol in Moderation - an international digest promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol.

I am in contact with distinguished colleagues from Denmark, Norway and Sweden through the membership of SMAB - the Scandinavian Medical Alcohol Board - a group of Scandinavian doctors with expertise on moderate alcohol consumption and health. I am also in touch with active research with the aim to examine the isolated and combined effects of red wine components on atherosclerosis in atherosclerosis-prone apoE-deficient mice. My mania for collecting has resulted in a large number of wine and health-quotes.

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