SMAB - Scandinavian Medical Alcohol Board


Members of SMAB from left: Niels H. Sternby, Erik Skovenborg, Roald Strand.
Behind from left: Svein-Erik Tronstad, Peter Winding, Arne Hagen.

A group of doctors from Denmark, Norway and Sweden founded SMAB - Scandinavian Medical Alcohol Board - in 1995 with the purpose to inform factually and comprehensively about new research results regarding the health effects a moderate intake of alcohol. The group, which is free from financial interests, will distribute information by means of press releases and newsletters with factuality and comprehensibility as matters of highest priority.

The harmful effects of alcohol have been known for many years, but lately research has indicated that a moderate intake of alcohol may have favourable effects on the health. The Nordic countries have chosen different angles in handling the problems connected to alcohol abuse, and this has also influenced the way in which these countries have chosen to inform about alcohol and health. SMAB considers on the one hand that an uncritical appraisal of alcohol is wrong, but thinks on the other hand that one should not deny the Nordic populations truthful information about the consequences of a sensible and moderate consumption of alcohol. The members of the group will be available in their own countries to answer questions relating to the topic "moderate alcohol consumption and health".

The 1st Health and Alcohol symposium arranged by SMAB took place at the Copenhagen University Hospital, Copenhagen, November 8, 1996. The 2nd SMAB Symposium – the Women and Alcohol Symposium – took place in Stockholm, October 30, 1998. The 3rd SMAB symposium – Alcohol in Moderation – Health and Culture in the next Millennium – will take place at Lysebu Conference Center, Oslo, October 27, 2000. You can read more about SMAB and the Oslo symposium on

Alcohol use - or abuse - are ultimately matters of alcohol-culture and habit. The members of SMAB have an extensive knowledge of European alcohol-culture, habit and history, and with this information they will aid people in the Nordic countries in having a natural, healthy and clarified attitude towards their consumption of alcohol.

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