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Aim: to promote the sensible and responsible
consumption of alcohol.

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AIM - Alcohol in moderation has been published by Peter Duff, England, since May 1992.

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Editorial Board:
Peter Duff - Publisher UK
Prof. Jean-Marc Orgogozo France
Helena Conibear - Editor UK
Anthony von Mandl Canada
Morris Chafetz, MD USA
Harvey Posert USA
Dr Curtis Ellison USA
Dr Erik Skovenborg Denmark
Prof. Dwight B. Heath USA
Creina S. Stockley Australia
Elisabeth Holmgren USA
Dr Thomas Stuttaford UK
Christopher Jarnvall Sweden
Roger Voss France
Peter Mitchell UK
Lilyane Weston UK
Dr. Philip Norrie, MB B Australia
Dr Elisabeth Whelan USA

AIM Profile: Dr Erik Skovenborg Vol. 9, No. 3, November-December 2000, page 18.

Articles written by Erik Skovenborg for AIM:

Vol.1, No.2, August 1992 Alcohol and the heart
Big trouble in little bottles

Vol.1, No.3, November 1992 Alcohol as a cordial - Association or Causation? I

Vol.1, No.4, February 1993 Alcohol as a cordial - Association or Causation? II

Vol.2, No.2, August 1992 Alcohol on Trial – Friend or Foe?

Vol.2, No.4, February 1994 Do alcoholics drink their neurons away?

Vol.3, No.2, August 1994 Self breathtesting - a view from Denmark

Vol.3, No.3, November 1994 The French Paradox revisited.

Vol.3, No.4, February 1995 A storm in a glas of wine.

Vol.4, No.1, May 1995 Danish worries on alcoholism.

Vol.4, No.4, February 1996 Mortality associated with moderate intakes of wine, beer and spirits.
Copenhagen Stroke Study.

Vol.5, No.1, May 1996 Beer, breastfeeding and the Wisdom of Old Wives.

Vol.5, No.2, August 1996 Nordic Retail Monopolies and EU Membership.

Vol.5, No.3, November 1996 Health and Alcohol symposium.

Vol.5, No.4, February 1997 Health and Alcohol - the Copenhagen Symposium.

Vol.6, No.1, June 1997 BMJ Editorial on the secondary prevention of IHD recommends doctors to consider the beneficial effects of a moderate alcohol consumption in the management of individual cardiac patients.

Vol.6, No.3, November 1997 Wine and the stomach.

Vol.6, No.4, February 1998 Beer, wine or spirits?

Vol.7, No.1, May 1998 For your eyes only.

Vol.7, No.2, August 1998 Wine drinking improves recovery from slipped discs.

Vol.7, No.3, November 1998 Should pregnant women just say no?

Vol.7, No.4, February 1999 Women and Alcohol – Report on the 2nd Alcohol and
Health Symposium, Sweden.

Vol.8, No.3, November 1999 Oral contraceptives and heart attack: results of the MICA
case control study.

Vol.8, No.4, February 2000 Moderate alcohol consumption and self-assessed health –
Association or Causation?

Vol.9, No.1, May 2000 Lifestyle changes for survival

Vol. 10. No.1, May-June 2001 Diabetes and alcohol

Vol. 10, No.3, Nov.-Dec. 2001 Everything in moderation

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